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** Progress Update 4/13: You have helped me raise over half the amount I need! **



Following the amazing outpouring of support from friends, extended family and other generous benefactors last year (2013) - all of which have enabled my current studies - I have decided to use this platform again as I seek to continue my education in London. 



Hello friends, family, and gracious strangers!


 After spending fourteen years studying cello at home and several of my high-school years traveling to pursue my musical education abroad in the U.S. and Europe, I have completed my first year at the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London. My past year there has been wonderful and formative; I have benefitted from the highest level teaching, a world-class musical environment, the rewards of an international student population and incredible opportunities for performance, research and collarborative engagement.


As with so many young musicians, the coming years will be pivotal as I grow as an individual and as a cellist; the chance to carry out these years in Europe promises experiences that will broaden and enrich my understanding as a musician of the role of the artist in society across cultures. My great hope is to be able to continue this extraordinary experience and continue working to refine the tools I have and fulfill my potential as a classical musican.


My goal is to raise $50,000 for the 2014/15 school year. In addition to online efforts, I am raising money on my own through competitions, by performing professionally every chance I have, through teaching and with the assistance of private contributions. I am fortunate to have time to devote to this project right now, but I won't be able to succeed without substantial help.  


 My parents have supported me financially so far, enabling my learning opportunities, but my family is in no position to afford college fees... As the student loan debt in this country surpasses $1 trillion, I am trying my hardest not to become part of that statistic. I ask that you please consider contributing what you can, and sharing this page with people you know even if you can't contribute. Everyone helping me continue my education in London has my utmost gratitude and I will thank you as I am able, both now and later as I continue my travels, education, life as a musician, visual artist, and participant in public life!


You can find out more about this fundraising project at: http://mliskedoorandish.wordpress.com/


Thank you!


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Miriam Liske-Doorandish

Blacksburg, United States

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  1. Updated posted by miriamliske-doorandish On Apr 05, 2013

    Progress Update!

    Dear all!


    I am thrilled to anounce that with your help, through online and offine donations, and through my own efforts I now have over half of the amount I need!!


    I cannot thank enough for your generosity and support. I now ask that you keep spreading the word by sharing this page, telling friends about my project, or sending people the link to my site as I continue working towards an ever-more-real goal! 


    With gratitude and optimism,




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