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Hello one and all,

Sam, Matthew, and I would like to first thank you for visiting this page, as well as for your support for our previous ventures, be they in print or elsewhere on the web. So it is with that said that we are now looking to forge our own space within the hockey writing community, out from underneat the wing of any parent publishing outfit, and we are asking for your help in getting it off the ground.

Our previous endeavors have grown to the point (10 million page views and counting) where it has become necessary to strike out on our own. As back to back winners of the Chicago Reader's Best Of Chicago Poll for Best Chicago Sports blog, the high standard that you have set for us has become clear. Consequently, trying to juggle full time jobs along with meeting that standard within the confines of our previous home has now brought us here.

We are in need of your support in order to provide the most comprehensive Hawks website available, complete with a live commenting system, and a more effcient and cleaner interface for online subscriptions to our print publication, The Committed Indian. That web store will also feature more and more items as the site grows and requests are made. Additionally, we will still be offering official gameday photos via national presswires within our columns. Our aim is to provide as professional a site as possible, as developed by the fine folks at Coulee Creative, while still maintaining our unique voice and perspective which you have come to expect. In short, we are looking to take our work to the next level.

Any and all support you can offer is sincerely appreciated, and we look forward to the opportunity to write for you in this new and exciting venture.


Matt McClure


Sam Fels and Matthew Killion


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