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About This Campaign

What Are We Doing!?! 

The Johnson's are going on a vision trip to Cambodia! Most of our friends and family know our passion to help care for girls rescued from Human Trafficking, and you know that we love the organization Transitions Global. We have the opportunity, as a family (our 3 daughters included) to go for 3 weeks in January to Cambodia.  

Our family will be looking at deeper opportunities to be involved with Transitions Global and the strong possibility of dedicating our lives to going into full time missions to seek justice for girls who need it most.  


How It will Help 

We need to raise $15,000.00 to make this trip a possibility for our family. Almost two thirds of the money we need to raise is to cover our airfare... Apparently, its expensive to fly five people to the other side of the globe :-) 

The rest of the money raised will cover our expenses in the US while we are gone and our expenses in Cambodia, such as eating, lodging, transportation, etc...

PLUS.... a portion of the money raised will help us develop and administer a week long art therapy project with the girls of Transitions Global's Dream Home! We are beyond stoked about this opportunity! Transitions is highly protective of the girls they serve and incredibly selective of the people they allow to interact with them. Having a chance to work with these amazing survivors in a group setting with our daughters is a chance in a lifetime!   

What Else? 

Besides the week long art therapy project.... We will be looking at potential places to live, as we are considering full time missions and living in Cambodia part of the year. We will be working with the Dream Home (where girls initially come after being rescued), the STAR Home (where girls go before they graduate the program), and the Shine Career Center (where the girls learn careers and skills of their choice). We will also be in intense conversations with the Executive Directors and In Country Directors about next steps and where the Johnson family would fit best to work with this organization.  

The Money

This is a large amount of money... We know this, and we do not take it lightly... at all! We want you all to know that we appreciate any and all donations! IF we do not raise enough money to make this trip a possibility for the whole family... we will consider doing the trip on a shorter timeline with just Marlo and I. If we do not do that, we will put it into a special Christmas fund for the girls of Transitions. We just want to reassure everyone that all money raised will either go to help all the Johnsons or part of the Johnsons get to Cambo... or it will go directly to love on the girls. Your money will be respected and used well! 

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