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#TakeYourCityBack is a campaign to do just that!  The goal is to have the people of NYC declare our city a HUMAN RIGHTS ZONE ( like United Workers did in Baltimore, MD.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXoOEiNy1Wk )  And to create a city which we're proud to live in and proud to allow future generations to inherit from us.  Where ALL people can live their lives with as much dignity as possible!  This involves:


1) Jobs  for ALL NYC RESIDENTS!  And jobs that ALL can pay a minimum wage of $15/hr


2) Creating a city where PEOPLE'S DIRECT DEMOCRACY is the ruling body. Not corrupt so-called "leaders", mayors, city council members, police commissioners or community boards.


3) Initiating a bold campaign for green job creation and a NEW currency in NYC! One that is based on BUILDING STRONG COMMUNITY and SOUND INFRASTRUCTURE and food/water/energy security.


4) The acknowledgement of political prisoners and the strong push for their immediate release.


5) The protection of our food, water, and air.


6) The disclosure of hidden energy technologies and the start of discussions on how to implement and fund these inventions and bring them to NYC for peaceful application.


7) Publicly funded FREE transportation for all! Instead of MTA cutting services & jobs, and raising fare to pay off big bank loans.


8) The rethinking existing public space and empty private spaces. To allow ALL residents to have a decent HOME THAT THEY OWN!


9) The right to FREE HIGH QUALITY HEALTHCARE and all necessary drugs and medical equipment.


10) Establishment of a TRUTH COMMISSION to investigate government & corporate crimes against NYC residents.


11) Declaration of NYC residents' solidary with all peace-loving people and nations worldwide who are pushing for



people working together to solve problems, who value true PARTICIPATORY DECISION-MAKING OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE ... ( and NOT of, by and for large multi-national corporations, weapons manufacturers, chemical companies, fossil fuel industry, big pharma, prison companies, bankers, landlords, corrupt inept & spineless so-called "leaders", commissioners & judges, secret-societies, or other private profit/power driven interests based on greed, selfishness, domination, & human rights abuses )


among other things!




In order to create this type of NYC that we would be proud of, we need to first GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN!


Initial funds will be used to make STICKERS that say something like:


What the frack!?  #TakeYourCityBack !        Mayor & city council on crack?  #TakeYourCityBack !


We may later have a sticker design contest where the best design gets printed!


Also funds will be used to support and sustain a WEEKLY FOOD SHARING POTLUCK at Union Square 14th St.  (see the END of this listing for more info about the weekly potluck... or visit HERE  http://facebook.com/OWSUnionSquare )


Funds would be used for the acquisition of a storage space near Union Square and possibly a cargo bike to transport food / table / literature etc.


Here is a brief list of items that are needed on an ongoing basis for the OWS People's Kitchen @ Union Square.  Budget for a weekend of food and necessary supplies is $300


Olive oil
Canned beans
Fresh & prepackaged spices
Zip lock bags
Aluminum trays
Paper plates, plastic forks, napkins


See itemization for outreach items below:

  • Bungee Cords, Rubberbands, Folders, Clips, Binders and other misc. stuff for info organization - $100

  • Black Cardboard  & White Cardboard (for legible signs) - $200

  • Colored Paint - $200

  • Black Sharpies - $50

  • Sidewalk Chalk - $50

  • Flyer paper (multiple colors) - $100

  • Copier Ink - $100

  • Sticker Reproduction - $250

  • 2 Megaphones - $125

  • Portable Radio + Rechargeable Batteries - $50

  • Daily budget of to feed community - $150 per day

  • Daily stipend for NYC Union Square Activism / Guerrilla outreach team - $20/day 

  • Cargo Bike to ride around neighborhood and collect discarded still edible food from local businesses - $700/month lease OR $2500 to buy

  • Possible purchase of a high power projector for film screenings , outdoor projections, etc.



Once donations grow, the plan is to start getting people together to SOLVE PROBLEMS and hopefully get paid to do it!


Below is a list of the most urget jobs that need to get done...  if you're willing to volunteer, please get in touch at http://occupyunionsquare.net/volunteer/ . Or just come on Saturday or Sunday from 4-8pm to 14th St. Union Square.


  • People to volunteer at info table

  • People to volunteer and serve food

  • Gophers - Little Tasks -  i.e. find paperweights, buy bungee cords, tape etc.

  • Event listings / Make daily recording of daily hotline announcements

  • Banner design and production for Union Square info table

  • Committee to make comprehensive publication of list of good groups / happenings in NYC

  • Committee for the organizing of public meetings & direct democracy training in all communities in NYC

  • Committee for volunteer recruitment / mailing list data base entry

  • Committee for Newsletter design & content

  • People to print flyers / stickers etc. and bring to storage area

  • Neighborhood outreach & flyering

  • Sign makers &/or holders

  • Flyer stampers

  • People who can stuff papers / newsstands etc. with fliers & post in laundromats, bookstores, cafes etc.

  • Town criers

  • Street / subway art / performers

  • Solidarity event participants, coordinators, and organizers

  • Live streamers

  • Civil disobedience / Non-violent direct action training

  • Organizers for campaigns to impeach / have new elections - city council, mayor, police commissioner, governor, state senators, state assembly, house representatives, senators, president

  • Designers / editors for the "People's Resolution" (or whatever you want to call it..)

  • Flyer scanning, uploading & website listing

  • Compile list of good quotes from people in history

  • People to make Info packets

  • Free Energy committee - Education & Promotion & Development

  • People to maintain an reddit style IDEAS page



 More ideas from some people in the movement from our suggestion box:

  • NYC "Ground Crew" - People Watching out for the best interests of New Yorkers - People Who Can Show Up to Meetings and Represent the Interests of Different Communities and make positive things happen at the local level.  

  • Committee to Draft an Immediate List of Shared Communities Demands / Values

  • Movement to create a judicial system based on COMMON LAW ( not what we have now... corporate / landlord / banker laws ).

  • Unemployment Insurance and legal funds for people who engage in non-violent civil disobedience & sustained work stoppages

  • NYC Skywatchers - Volunteers to report on NYC sky conditions

  • Radiation Detection Committee - Volunteers to report on radiation conditions...

  • Committee to deal with Fukushima Japan mitigation and safety

  • Committee for Advanced "Off the Grid" Energy - to bring to NYC the peaceful application of advanced energy technologies

  • Committee to BAN GMOs

  • Committee for Permaculture & Urban Design

  • Committee for Free & Pubic Democratic Education

  • Committee to End Homelessness

  • Committee to End Poverty and Hunger

  • Committee to Reclaim our Public Spaces

  • Committee to Reclaim our Public Airwaves

  • Team that can maintain a daily calendar of current and upcoming events that are important to New Yorkers

  • Team that can create a public directory of ALL groups doing GOOD for New York!

  • Committee to PUSH NYPD to enforce PEOPLE LAWS, TO NOT VIOLATE THEIR OATH, and to LISTEN & DO WHAT'S BEST for the community!

  • Committee to deal with Government Crimes Against Public Health & Safety & Crimes Against Humanity and to create Transparency & Accountability in Government

  • Committee for Researching Elected Officer's Past Voting History & Stated Platforms about "The Issues"

  • Committee to push for NY State policy change

  • Committee to push for National U.S. policy change

  .... and any other groups that can facilitate the transition of NYC to a humane place to live for all residents!



Info about the OWS Kitchen's Weekly Potluck @ Union Square

Saturday & Sundays - 4-8pm

Enjoy healthy food cooked & served by Occupy Kitchen and neighborhood residents!

Twitter: @OWSUnionSquare
Hashtags: #PeoplesKitchen #OccupyKitchen #WakeUpNYC #TakeYourCityBack

Flyer HERE - http://occupyunionsquare.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/ows-kitchen-union-sq-potluck.pdf

Sign up for Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/550959451638474


The Occupy Kitchen is a revolutionary space for breaking bread and building communities that is open to everyone! From our camp kitchen in Liberty Plaza to our weekend Potluck at Union Square, for the past two years we have been providing a space for activists, bankers, farmers and the homeless to share delicious meals and good conversation. We nourish the grassroots movement to free America from corporate control and create a fairer economic system for hardworking people.

We are committed to building a more equitable society and furthering the food justice movement by changing patterns of consumption in New York City and beyond. Through our work at OWS, we unite local farmers and small businesses with families and communities that sustain the movement. Our network of supporters is a diverse group of activists, small businesses, family-run farms, community groups and individuals who share a common vision of a better, more sustainable America.

We believe that access to good, healthy food is a universal right. We strive to sustainably provide good food to people in the Union Square area and to the NYC activist community in general. Almost half the food produced in the United States is thrown away. We believe this waste is flagrantly disrespectful to the environment and the millions of people in this country (including ourselves) who cannot afford healthy food. Our response to this waste is to make use of it! Every night, after the stores close, we collect all the discarded usable food we can. We then bring this food back to our fridges and freezers in preparation for the weekly Union Square Potluck. Food is also donated to us from businesses and residents in the community that want to see something good happen to it.

The capitalist system we live in insists that in order for something to have value it must have a price tag; it must be sellable. No one will buy a dozen eggs with one egg cracked, so the entire package gets tossed. Grocery stores must over stock all of their produce, because no one wants to shop at a store that looks half empty. And all of that overstock inevitably finds its way into the dumpster.

The Occupy Kitchen quietly tries to dismantle this capitalist value system by bringing this food back to to community in a creative way. We believe that in order for something to have value it need not be sellable, only usable. We strive to create a public space where food can be exchanged and shared freely. We aim to show that it is possible to feed hundreds of people a day and build a strong social movement in NYC that values people before profit. And to show all those who value protocol over practicality that there are other ways to move through the world; other ways to make change.

We currently need help getting the word out to the community! And also help with food donations. If you are interested, please take a look below to see current needs. We especially need people to cook and prepare food and bring it to Union Square for our weekend potlucks. We invite all visionaries who can imagine the world operating in a way that promotes peace, justice, dignity and mutual aid. In farming, distribution, cooking, serving and eating, we are imagining a new American Dream. Let's do this together.


Current needs:




An in-kind donation of a KITCHEN SPACE ideally near Union Square. (there is an Occupy DESSERT Kitchen that needs space too! https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDessertKitchen )


**** COOK food and bringing it to Union Square park 14th St - Saturday & Sunday 4pm-8pm. If there's a lot of food, bring a folding table! ***



Olive oil
Canned beans
Fresh & prepackaged spices


Zip lock bags
Aluminum trays
Paper plates, plastic forks, napkins

Restaurant CALL-IN food donation DELIVERIES ( Little Italy Pizza III 212-989-4225 or tinyurl.com/OccupieUnionSq and other restaurants to be added soon )… CHECK DAILY EVNET HOTLINE FIRST TO MAKE SURE WE'RE IN THE PARK THAT DAY! 646-470-3890.


Other Urgent Needs:

Donation coordinators, collectors, cooks & kitchen help , servers, transporters

People to help staff outreach table & serve food. Please sign up HERE ( http://occupyunionsquare.net/volunteer/ )

Monetary donations at the physical location of the OWS People's Kitchen table at Union Square South (14th Street). Online monetary donations: http://gogetfunding.com/nycactivism

Physical help with the transport of food, literature, signs, tables, etc. from storage location to park. And then set up. And being there for at least a few hours.

People are needed, especially those with good art skills to design creative, educational, inspiring & awakening SIGNS, FLYERS, BANNERS etc, and work along frontage of 14th as well as within the internal park area to engage the public and get more volunteers and participants, informing them of what we're up to.

Join the PARK OUTREACH team and talk to the NYC public in the neighborhood, hand out flyers, recruit volunteers & mailing list sign ups

Get COMMUNITY SUPPORT for volunteering, in-kind donations & financial donations!

Hand out flyers and tell people about our weekly potluck! And tell people about the good events happening around city!

Support by PRINTING FLYERS and BRINGING to park OR DISTRIBUTING them yourself in your own neighborhood ( can be downloaded from HERE: http://occupyunionsquare.net/how-to-plug-in/printable-flyers/ ). Translators are needed!

People with strong conflict resolution / mediation skills to provide security for the organizers and keep the community and volunteer environment safe, clean up, and WELCOME to NYC residents.

Someone to PRINT OUT out the daily schedule of OWS / activism related events (from here: http://occupyunionsquare.net/calendar ) and bring to the info table at setup or soon after. Ideally should be the same person who signs up on the morning shift (means you need a printer, paper, ink etc.)

ENCOURAGE YOUR FRIENDS, CO-WORKERS, NEIGHBORS ETC. TO BRING FOOD AND NECESSARY SUPPLIES! This needs to be a PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT! Meaning WE make it happen! WE decide if our park stays open after midnight and WE decide what we're going to do in the park as long as we treat the park, ourselves, and others with respect.


All Power To The People!


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