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10/4/12 update:  Friends & Family - I am humbled by your generosity and spirit.  Thank you!


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I have been trying to fix the world for as long as I can remember. Since Hurricane Katrina, my volunteer efforts have been focused in New Orleans, working at a free medical clinic and fixing houses -- roofing, painting, cleaning, window installation ... Each adventure and project helped change peoples' lives and led to developing lifelong friends. So now I turn my focus to Africa, where I will be part of a 10-person volunteer team that will assist in the construction of a medical clinic that was started earlier this year by other volunteers.

Global Volunteer Network, in conjunction with The Real Uganda, is coordinating the building of medical clinic at the Hope for Africa Children's Village in Mukono Uganda. This medical clinic is badly needed in the village and will serve the students, teachers and community members. There is a desire to add a maternity room soon so the women of the village can be encouraged to deliver their babies at the clinic instead of at home. This will help decrease infant and maternal mortality.

Each volunteer working on this project is required to raise money for the build. I am asking my friends and family to help out this project and donate if you can. What I promise in return is an amazing experience and story and perhaps a picture or two of an elephant. Best of all, a small community in Mukono Uganda with be forever changed because of you!

Thank you.

Love & Peace




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I'm Rory's mom and I want to help to fix the world.