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Hello everybody;


The Stanford le-Hope Festival is an annual event that takes place within the town on the first week of July. It is most unfortunate that this year the Hope Committee, a group of volunteers who organise and run the festival, are beginning to struggle to maintain the meager funding necessary to host the event, due in part to the wholesale budget cuts that Britain is enduring. Current predictions estimate that the size of the Festival will shrink every year until it becomes insignificant and then disappears entirely.


The Pledge

We need a boost from anybody willing to support the promotion of local town spirit, community and businesses. Every pound will make a difference and it would be an incredible shame to see an annual event, perfectly suited to young and old alike, wither and die by the hands of indifference.


Small Contributions (e.g. £1) are accepted, they are absolutely vital.



The reference target for the entire festival is estimated at around £2000 and we are currently uncertain as to where the funding will come from. I ask for a fraction of the figure as both a proof-of-concept to the Hope Committee and so I can illustrate the difference that even the smallest of contributions will make. As a group of volunteers running a big event, we lack the resources for any large-scale fundraising Campaign.

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Any money raised after the target amount will either be put straight into extending the significance of the festival or put back into the Home Committee for the following year festival. If, for some completely unforeseen reason, the festival does not take place this year then the above will also occur or, as a contingency, the application of the money will be decided by the Hope Committee through voting.


Thank You.


Kind Regards,

Joshua Yeldham-Smith (Volunteer Fundraiser)

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