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We, Tommy Coleman and Brandon Jones are suing the Hamilton County Government to cease sectarian prayer activities that violate the constitution at its Commission Meetings.  This is a landmark case that will change an important legal precedent and make it easier to enforce separation of church and state with regard to legislative prayer in future cases.  Our attorney recently informed us that we're going to need to raise about $5,000 just to get us started on upcoming filing fees and assorted court costs. We're going to need this money regardless of whether we win or lose this case in this federal court circuit because both sides are geared to appeal this thing all of the way up to the supreme court if necessary.  We are not very wealthy, in fact both of us are poor college students and we need help funding this endeavor for this reason.  We can promise you that any money you donate will be well spent.  We will be keeping all funds collected in an escrow account managed by our attorney that is only used for this case.  This is an important issue to people of all faiths, including Christianity, because the religion being used isn't the important factor, it's the endorsement of religion by our government that is key.  Please stand up for the constitution and support us as we continue to fight for a Moment of Silence at our Commission Meetings!

You can keep up with all of the latest news about our lawsuit and press appearances at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HC4SOCAS

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    Recent News Stories

    We wanted to take an opportunity to share some of the recent news stories about us and our case, just to keep everyone up to date on how and what we're doing.  Enjoy!


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