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Despite the fact that Shaneen Allen possesses a License to Carry Firearms issued by the City of Philadelphia…

Despite the fact that Allen has been trained in firearm safety and passed an NRA handgun safety course…

Despite the fact that Allen voluntarily presented her carry license to the police in conjunction with a routine traffic stop, as per her training…

New Jersey is doing its best to turn Shaneen Allen into a convicted felon facing a State Prison term of a minimum-mandatory 3-5 years with no chance of parole.

What heinous offense did Shaneen Allen — a hard-working single mother of two, with no prior criminal record — do to deserve such a fate? Last October, she travelled with her Pennsylvania licensed handgun loaded with lawfully purchased, low penetration self defense ammunition, into New Jersey.

That is all.

Allen never pointed the firearm at anyone, never threatened anyone, never removed the firearm from her car or even out of the purse in the backseat. Nonetheless, she is charged with unlawful possession of a handgun and unlawful possession of hollow nose bullets. Atlantic County is prosecuting her fully.

Recognizing Allen’s remarkable facts, the Atlantic County New Jersey PTI Director agreed to accept Allen into the PTI program— however, the Atlantic County Prosecutor is refusing to allow it. The PTI program would allow Allen to avoid becoming a convicted felon and serving prison time.

The Atlantic County New Jersey Prosecutor would rather see Allen serve the mandatory three (3) years in State Prison, and is pushing the matter to trial.

Due to New Jersey’s “Graves Act” firearm laws, if Allen is convicted, the lowest sentence a judge may give her must include a three (3) year prison term with no chance of parole.

Until last week, the Public Defender’s Officer represented Allen, but she has since hired the law firm of Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law P.C. to represent her.

When asked for a comment on the case, Evan Nappen, Esq., stated, “New Jersey has a history of racist and sexist gun laws. Women are denied the means of self-defense against larger stronger men.”

“New Jersey’s earliest gun laws banned Blacks and Indians from possessing guns. Apparently, not much has changed. End the madness. Pass the national carry reciprocity law in which gun licenses would be recognized by every state and be treated much like drivers licenses. No more innocent victims of New Jersey draconian, racist, sexist gun laws, that are out of step with the rest of America.”

Louis Nappen, Esq., of the firm, who appeared on Allen’s behalf this week in court, stated, “We will be doing everything we can to zealously represent her, but I see this sort of thing happening more and more. ”

“The ‘feel good’ legislation that turns mere possession into a “Graves Act” second-degree crime does nothing to stop true criminals and turns law-abiding citizens into felons. Ms. Allen is a prime example of this. It’s sad, and wrong.”

Read more: http://www.ammoland.com/2014/07/njs-racist-sexist-gun-control-claims-yet-another-victim/#ixzz37fMHogK9 
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  1. New Jersey Republican Assemblyman Dancer has just filed “Shaneen’s Law” which gives Judges full discretion to avoid mandatory jail time and/or give PTI to folks like  Shaneen Allen.

    New Jersey residents, please contact your state representatives and ask them to cosponsor this much needed legislation.

    The bill is A3608.

    The key language reads:

    “(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection c. of this section to the contrary, the court shall have discretion to impose the mandatory sentence, or pret...


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      Shaneen, we're hoping that our contribution helps to squash this attack on your God given liberti...

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      Last week I posted on Ms. Allen's case with the question "Where are the Justice Brothers?" Where...

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      You guys should start a Change.org petition to the tell the Governor and the Judge to drop the ch...

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  2. Updated posted by ShaneenAllenLDF On Aug 08

    Justice in New Jersey?





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  3. While the Atlantic County Prosecutor and Court continue to railroad Shaneen with a final plea offer of 3 1/2 years manditory in State Prison sentence, the media and public outcry for dismissal or, at the very least, a no-jail plea continues. The plea offer is, of course, unacceptable, and the case moves on to trial in the hope that 12 rational citizens will recognize truth and relieve Shaneen from this nightmare.

    Below please find some of the latest media articles and programs:




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      We are definitely praying for Ms. Allen and her family through this time of tragedy! Spreading th...

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