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We were inspired after reading the article below from Ann Curry. We are committed to doing 26 random acts of kindness in honor of those children and teachers who's lives were taken from them in the awful tragedy that took place on December 14th, 2012. This is our 26th act of kindness, and we hope to inspire many more people in paying it forward. We want to raise money for Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe, Connecticut, which is the school that the children are transferring to, to resume classes. This money will help buy school supplies for the kids, it will help teachers be able to decorate their classrooms as their own again, and hopefully it will help in many more ways as well. Please read this article, follow Ann Curry's movement, and pay it forward with 26 acts of kindness, as well as donating to this wonderful cause.


Our donation's will be forwarded directly to the Newtown School Board, who is in turn forwarding donations to the Sandy Hook School support fund. The Newtown School Board link can be found below as well.






This fundraiser is hosted by Jessica Bosch and Leah Randazzo, graduates of SUNY Geneseo Class of 2012.

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Jessica Bosch and Leah Randazzo

Geneseo, United States

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Jessica and Leah are both graduates of SUNY Geneseo class of 2012. They both have bachelor's degrees in biology and plan on going on into the medical field. Jessica found the news story from Ann Curry, and sent it to Leah, and they both decided they wanted to commit to doing 26 Acts of Kindness, with this fundraiser being their 26th act.