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About This Campaign

Hello everyone, This fundraiser was created to help the Robotics Club at the Victor Valley Community College in Victorville, CA. We are young Electrical Engineers and major in many fields of study. We decided to create a Robotics Club so that we may further our own education and possibly enter Ivy League competitions and compete with some of the brightest minds from the highest schools.

We are raising funds so that we can create projects such as 3D-Printers and start developing an understanding of how robotics as a whole works. The problem is that we live in a not so enthused community in the High Desert and it is hard for us to get the funds we need. On top of this fundraiser, the other members of the club and myself are doing what we can in the community to raise funds, including participating in our local Farmers Market. 

The most important aspects of this fundraiser are that you as a donor will be providing community college students the opportunity to create and be part of something more, and through this help them provide more stepping stones towards a brighter future. From letters of recommendation to acknowledgement of projects accomplished you as a donor would help us show that just because we could not get into an Ivy League school, doesn't mean that we are less intelligent than those that did.

Thank you for reading this, Donate or not, I would like for you to have a wonderful day or evening.

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