[Image: Project Stem Cell: Sex Organs Regeneration]

About This Campaign

Project Stem Cell is an idea in process, a dream to many, and hopefully soon a reality.

I was born with a problem, during pregnancy something went wrong and I ended up being born without a very important member for a man. After a couple of suicide attempts I realized I wanted to live, but not like this. So I started researching for a cure and that's when I came across stem cells!

Stem cell researchers are currently focusing on tissue growth and creating vital organs, and they have all the resources available to develop a cure to most sexual dysfunctions and reproductive issues. However, because of all the funding they get comes from corporations with a money agenda, the research into the particular issue of sex has barely been touched.

Project Stem Cell aims to change that by starting a massive social networking campaign to encourage people to donate for the cause. But first we need a website, presentation videos, research into people and facilities that can manage these investigations, bloggers who can contribute with content for the donations site, etc.

We already have a few people who will contribute out of charity; we have also contacted some celebrities who seem to dig the idea. But we still need a little cash to get it going and that's why I am writing this.
Five hundred dollars would be enough to pay the website fees, web designer, research and social media experts. We are broke and we need your help!

A lot of people will benefit from the research, this include but it is not limited to: Aging man and women, infants with deformities, infertile couples, homosexuals looking to have kids, intersexed and transgender individuals, people who have suffered genital injuries.

A sex life is often something people give for granted, but those of us who know what is like not being able to connect with another person understand how vital sex can be. Help us be at peace with ourselves, the pain and trauma is unbearable.

Any donation, even if it's not much, is very much welcome.


Thank you for your time.


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