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I know some of the people reading this are at least a little familiar with what I've been going through. Recently my dad became too sick to work, and so I picked up a job to support us both. And for a while things were okay. But I live in Georgia. And here it's legal to fire someone without even giving a reason. I'm transgendered, and the district manager met me for the first time, and decided I wasn't fit to work for the company anymore despite wonderful comments from my manager and coworkers. And it's not illegal to fire someone for that here, either.


My dad collects disability, but it isn't enough to pay for even our rent.  He's suffering from congestive heart failure and has only a few years left, at the most optimistic. We're already at the bottom, living in a trailer park where the police get called out more than once a day. I'm not asking for so much to relocate, just enough to keep us off the street until I can find a new job to support us. I know a lot of you are tired of giving, but I desperately hope you can give at least a little bit. Thank you for reading, just that means a lot.

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