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I'm a 19 year old freshman at MATC working to become an LPN (licensed practical nurse). I jumped at the opportunity to take the free CNA (certified nursing assistant) course that my high school offered because my passion lies in medicine and being able to help others. I am the middle child of three. Both my mother and father work hard in order to give us all what we need. My father works two jobs as a special Ed teacher as well as a soccer coach and my mother a receptionist, they are both working long hours in order to put both me and my older brother through college and pay for all my younger sisters soccer  tournaments and club fees so she can keep up her passion of sports. Im asking for your help so I can continue my goal of becoming a nurse and lift some of the burden and stress away from my prarents.

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    Pictures of me at graduation when I have reached my dream.

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    If you life in wauwatosa or close by it I'll pet sit or babysit plus the 1st reward.

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    If you live in wauwatosa or close by it I'll clean your house and cook you dinner. Plus the 1st reward

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