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I have been battling Chronic Lyme disease for 6 1/2 years; 4 years of misdiagnosed doctors’ appointments and 2 1/2 years of alternating antibiotics and homeopathic regiments. I haven’t missed any work except for an occasional appointment here and there.  I was bitten twice in March 2007, which I thought were spider bites.  The initial symptoms were flu like:  vomiting, rash, insomnia, swollen lymph nodes, achy feeling, and night sweats.  Over the years I became very fatigued, had joint pain, jaw/neck pain, itchiness and then the memory loss kicked in.   After an MRI of the brain because of my increased neurological symptoms, it was thought I had a brain tumor. Thankfully, I was only diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I was so grateful I had answers and knew what was wrong with me and I thought I could begin to work on healing.  I truly thought I would be better in a matter of months.  I am a strong woman.  Many people say that my 5’3” petite frame is deceiving because my character and passion for life makes it seem like I am 7 feet tall and 350 lbs!  I have always believed I am invincible!  I love life!


It is now two and a half almost 3 years since my diagnosis and I am not getting any better.  My Complement 4a was 8870.9 a year ago and a week ago registered at approximately 13,000 ng/mL.  A normal Complement 4a registers between 0.0 - 650.0 mg/mL!  In layman’s terms I understand the “complement system” is a protein pathway that works hand-in-hand with a person’s immune system to fight pathogens. It means my body is working overtime fighting the disease, and the war is getting harder and harder to win.


In May, I learned about the Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Palm Harbor, Florida that specializes in treating Chronic Lyme disease.  They have an impressive history of eradicating Lyme disease from patients no matter how long the patient has had the disease.  It is known that if the disease is not caught early in its development, eradicating a person’s body of the disease is very difficult.  It was thought I would only need 4 to 5 weeks to eradicate the disease because I had 11 strains of the Lyme disease and my body was still highly functioning.  I spent 4 weeks there starting June 10th only to find out I still have 1 active strain of Lyme disease left.  I need to go back for the intensive final round to kill off the active round of Lyme.


My daily routine would start with 1-5 hours early in the morning of IV therapy drips per day Monday through Friday for twelve weeks. I can start as early as Jan. 20th, 2014.  I must pay for the testing and treatment up front.  They test you weekly to see what treatments are working and what aren’t.  


The total cost of this endeavor is $30,000.  I have to admit, I am overwhelmed at the amount required, but the opportunity to get my life back is priceless.


I am not used to asking for assistance, but I am now.  I am a single mom raising an amazing healthy and smart teenager without any financial assistance.  I have been able to provide a safe and happy place to live and an incredible education for my child.  He is healthy and happy.  Now my dream is to give my son back his healthy and energetic mom.


 You only live once!  I don't want to give up without a fight!  Life is precious and goes by so fast.  I would be ever so grateful for any assistance!  You would be our hero if you could help!  Please invest in the cure!  Thank you so very much! - Paula Pifer


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