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About This Campaign

Why I want to go:

To many times in my lfie have I taken advantage of the things that are considered a delicacy or prized possesion such as meat, clothes, food everyday. I want to change that for the life of someone that I don't know, but already feel close to as each day moves forward. I want to give the people in the childrens program one thing. Happines, a God given right is what I want to help with and experience.

Why you should donate:

It's a great cause for something bigger than yourself or I. It's will help me help the children of Kenya by helping pay for the program fees, flights, visas and so forth.

Money has always been tight around my home. with five brothers and sisters how could it afford not to be. And with the decline in the economy, and my parents paying for 3 kids in college right now I could sure use the help.

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