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We (Terence McGinley and Joseph Kritzer) are heading to Kenya in November for a month-long volunteer trip to improve two schools in Kware, slums outside of the Capital city of Nairobi. Since we both have the flexibility in our lives right now, we wanted to make this one count! Joe has been to the region before, and upon leaving felt he needed to do more. This trip will be a first for Terence. We are hopeful you can support our efforts from afar by providing monetary support toay. 


While Kenya's GDP is among the best on the continent, the Human Development Index (HDI) remains one of the lowest of all UN nations. The people of Kware have been abandoned by their government and need all the help they can get.

This is an area being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic. The Infection rate is near 50% due to the lack of education and prevention. As a result 45% of children are parentless and rely on the school and the streets to survive. Students are fortunate to get one complete meal a day, as most of the slum relies on less than a dollar a day to survive. The basics for us- like clean water and medicine- are luxuries to the people of Kware. Come election time the boys face the threat of being kidnapped by political regimes, and turned into soldiers. 


We will be working hand in hand with the Christian Women's Works of Charity (CWWC), a group that runs the schools in addition to providing families relief in Kware. Since school is a needed sanctuary for the children of Kware and the schools lack a running septic system (creating an unfit environment for education), we (Joe and Terence) will be wworking to construct four bathrooms in the two schools with a perimeter wall aroun one of them for security. As well, we will be working intimately with the stuents in the clasroom, providing additional instruction to the current 100:1 student to teacher ratio.


Your generous donation today of $25, $100, $500, or whatever your resources permit, will go a long way to improving the conditions of the people of Kware. Your donations will provide the resources for us to construct these essential bathrooms and security wall. We are confident that with your generous help, we can raise $10,000 for this important effort.

The monerary goal is lofty, but big challenges don't come easy. We can absolutely assure you that all donations will e going to the people of Kware and not towards our own expenses. All donations are tax-deductable to extend allowable by law and you will recieve a thank you note from the non-profit organization Knowledge is The Cure, a subsidiary of Christian Women's Works of Charity (CWWC). As well, your support will not go undocumented, we will be taking photographs and keeping journals along the way and will share them with you upon our return. 

Thanks you in advance for your generosity and for helping us make a positive impact on the people of Kware. If you have any questions, please email Joe at joseph.kritzer@wagner.edu and Terence at mcginley@fordham.edu and feel free to email this link on to others that might be interested in supporting this effort.


Joseph Kritzer and Terence McGinley



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