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About This Campaign

we need :  £50   to set up & pay for hosting offshore for 1 year.


                £100 to pay for leaflets etc

                   as we grow, we will be providing as much practical & supportive resources for victims/survivors of

                   as is possible.........please join, join the dots with us...........across the world............and STOP

                   child abuse, FULL STOP.    please visit our blog, for updates and events.

We also are asking for all people with time, energy and a passion to end all child abuse, to share ideas, events , and info, which will be shared on our website, for everyones benefit and info.   creativity welcomed, musicians, rappers, whistleblowers, child abuse knows no boundaries of race, creed, class, religion, or country.    to beat it. neither must we.   

donated of £200.00 goal

25% Funded

Fundraising stopped - no more donations can be made right now.

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Shevatwo Burton

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