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Hello, My name is Winton and my partner is Johnny.....This is our story.

A few years back I was laid off from work as so many others were during that time. After many months of searching, and not being able to find anything I became rather depressed. One day I was online looking for work and came across a website and began chatting with Johnny. Although we're from very different backgrounds (he is from Romania, and me from the USA) We became fast friends. We would chat for hours, learning more and more about each other. As the time went on the friendship between Johnny, and I grew stronger everyday. He helped me through a very dark time in my life, always there for me, understanding me, accepting me, loving me. I realized then this is the man I was going to marry. I was fortunate enough last summer to be able to go and visit him in Romania. Although being out of work, I was able to sell some of my belongings to raise money and go, I thank God for this opportunity everyday! Taking this chance was the best thing I have ever done in my life....Because this chance was the chance for love... 

While in Romania, Johnny and I really got to know each other well, and I realized he is my soul mate! When the time came for me to come back home that moment was so bitter sweet! As I hugged him for the last time before I boarded the plane....I promised him we would be together again in the USA....I promised we would get him here. Not being able to just take him with me then, was the loneliest and longest plane ride ever! I came home with a new determination, getting back to work, and getting the man I loved here with me. This is where the heartbreak starts.....Unfortunately within two weeks of my return home, my brother passed away suddenly.....and as I was getting ready for the funeral a freak accident happened with my back, and I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. After the surgery there was also an infection, and I spent almost a month in the hospital. Because of the location of the infection I was bed bound and could only lay on my side for months. This hindered my recovery from the back surgery which took away a lot of my mobility. The infection is gone, the wounds have healed, and everyday I am struggling back to my feet. This whole time Johnny has stood by me although thousands of miles away, this man still loves me and cares for me...

The Supreme Court of the United States made their ruling on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and because they over turned this hateful and discriminatory law, I will finally be able to have the same rights and sponsor the man I love to be here with me. This will take funds for lawyer fees, visa fees, travel expenses, and other things that must be taken care of first....which both of us do not have. With me not being able to work at this time, and him in a country with below poverty wages, it is something we could definitely use some blessings with. This is the part where I ask for whatever help could be offered, even a prayer is so much appreciated! 

I don't know what everyone's stance is on Gay marriage... I know everyone knows what love is though, to some it means different things, but no matter what...LOVE IS LOVE!

I love Johnny with all my heart, every night I cry myself to sleep while I ask God for help. This is the man I want to be with, this is the man who I am proud to call my soul mate....my protector, my warrior, my love!

Now that the court has overturned DOMA, I don't want there to be any delay in getting Johnny here with me. He is my heart, If you could please find it in your heart to help fund this true love story... Johnny and I would forever be grateful.Thank you, and God bless you all...Winton & Johnny 

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  1. Updated posted by winfox2029 On Jul 04, 2013

    In Need of Angels.

    Hello everyone....Johnny and I are desperatly trying to fix this situation. We have only a few days left to come up with these funds, and take care of this situation or I may lose ever being able to bring him home. I can not lose this man....So far we have had 4924 vistors to the page...if everyone would give $1 ...I would be able to save him...save our love. I know its hard for so many to understand when they are not in the situation themselves....but I also know everyone understands how important love is. Johnny is my soulmate...he is my love. Please help us with what you can...share the story, help us get the word out. Thank you...((HUGS))


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  2. Updated posted by winfox2029 On Jun 26, 2013

    The Day DOMA DIED!

    DOMA is DEAD!!!....What more can I say? What a wonderful day it has been, not only for Johnny and I, but for so many other couples out there who will finally be able to bring their loved ones home. Personally I have been in tears all day, happy tears though!.....For Johnny and I this is a bittersweet moment, as we still need help to raise the funds and be able to get him here. Well the major victory is DOMA being struck down, so we will now be able to sponsor our loved ones. One step at a time....Next step for us is getting past the financials and bringing my soulmate home to safety. Please everyone continue to share our story....HUGS from Johnny and I <3 


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  3. Updated posted by winfox2029 On Jun 17, 2013

    Wake Up America SOS

    Was very honored last night to be on 'Wake Up America SOS' with host Lori A Kerkes. I was invited on to share our story. What an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for all these wonderful people who continue to show their love and support!..please follow the link and listen to the show. Thank you! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wakeupamericasos/2013/06/17/domas-victims-the-heartbreaking-truth-1


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