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Our fundraising project is not just an idea but a tried and tested one. By building a sustainable Fundraising & Recycling facility together with the core Bankruptcy project, we can have an enormous positive effect on the community. We need to raise £150,000 in order to get us through the first year, after which we will be completely and fully sustainable from the income generated by ourselves and the items donated from the community. We will also apply for grant funding for the core project as well as the Fundraising and Recycling Premises.

The core project is not about giving people money, but helping them to help themselves. We know by experience that once thrown on the scrap heap, a person can find it very difficult to get a bit of help to get back on their feet. Our project is about putting support networks into place in order to help. Most people in financial hardship have the pride and determination but lack good old fashioned help and support.


What the funding is for...

The funding we require has been worked out to cover us for the 1st year and includes the following:

  • Wages for 6 x core staff
  • Premises (Fundraising Shop / Recycling Centre)
  • Utilities 
  • Delivery Van
  • Insurance's, Licences and Policies
  • Stationary & Sundries
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Shop Signage
  • Capital Costs / Buffer


A little about the Organisation...

HS4B was setup in 2009 by the founder after he had previously experienced both first hand and second hand effects of bankruptcy, debt and financial hardship. Through this experience, he found that there was no service available to offer the support that he required at the time. The project was set up as a Sole Trader concern initially and has since become a Community Interest Company in 2012.

The purpose of our business is to help and support individuals get back on their feet, in animpartial and non-judgemental way. In some cases, this can include listening and giving a helping hand with paperwork. The type of support to help someone 'back on their feet' will vary depending upon individual need. Once back on their feet, a person becomes a more productive member of society and contributes financially to their immediate community.

This project was started initially to serve the community of Weymouth and Portland which at the time of starting was one of the top ten hotspots in the country for insolvency and debt pro rata of population. Since we started this project, we have received enquiries not just from our county, but also from all over the UK and even international enquiries, which just goes to show how serious the situation is.

Once we are fully operational, we aim to provide help and advice, not limited to but including the following; Debt Management, Assisting with Bankruptcy, Budgeting Advice, Employment Advice and Case Management.




We are in a unique position with regard to competitors as there are no other organisations thatwe have found aiming to help and support in the same way. The biggest strength of ourcompetitors is the ability to tap into the professional services industry for the help and advicethey give. This is because they have much more resources at their disposal derived from theirpaying clients.The biggest weakness of our competitors is that they only help those that have the moneywhereas we also aim to help those that have no means of paying.

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Harrie Lambert

Weymouth, United Kingdom

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I am a Director for a Community Interest Company called HS4B CIC. I became a Director when the organisation became incorporated in July 2012. I have been with the company while it was in it's 'test trading' stage on a voluntary basis. I was then approached by the founder to see if I wanted to become a Director and to take the next steps forward in developing the organisation. My main trade and skill set is website development, graphic design and print. I have utilised all of my skills with HS4B CIC. From developing the website and their applications to creating and designing leaflets and stationary. On a personal level, I would like to expand my skill set by progressing onto mobile and app development. My hobbies include long walks in the Dorset countryside, close-up magic and swimming. I have several interests which keeps my mind stimulated, such as; reading, puzzle solving and technology.