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My Dad, Michael Adam, went into the hospital in March of 2013 with severe abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and gall stones but was also told the there was a mass in his pancreas. The tests came back with cancer. Since then he has gone through radiation and a unique and aggressive version of chemo therapy. He had a port implanted and was then hooked up to a chemo pump that he had to carry with him in a bag 24/7 for five weeks. Non-stop chemo, for over a month. During this process he continued to try and work, as he is the majority earner in the house. My mother works just above minimum wage at a local craft store, part time.


Recently he was scheduled for surgery. They did a scope through his belly button to see if the cancer had spread. When the scope came back clear, they opened him up across the abdomen. There were two hopeful options at this point. Either they did the little surgery, which removed the tumor and part of the pancreas; or the "big surgery", the Whipple. The Whipple removes the head of the pancreas, the first part of the small intestine, the gall bladder, the end of the bile duct and sometimes a portion of the stomach. As a family, we were prepared for both options. We got neither. The surgeon tried to remove the tumor for two hours. Two hours, my father was opened up on the table, only to be sewn up and sent to recovery. Nothing was done. His surgeon later explained that the tumor "invaded" up on the vein running vertically in the pancreas, and there was no way for him to remove it. He gave my father two years.


We are looking for a different outcome, and we hope to find one at the MD Anderson clinic in Houston, Texas. Insurance approved the referral, eventually, but we have to pay for lodging and expenses. He will of course be out of work during the entire process, and he also has to have a caregiver there with him the entire time.


My father has come to terms with the fact that we may not be able to afford the full treatment and recovery for him, but we have not. We continue to fight and keep him strong, but we cannot do it alone. Please help us to reach our goal, and maybe even surpass it. My father is a wonderful man, husband, uncle, son, brother and grandpa and he is more than a statistic. So, please, help save my dad

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  1. Updated posted by AdamFamily On Dec 22, 2013


    Today is December 22,2013. We,mike and I are in Houston. Mike had an appt with dr Katz and it did not go so well. Mike has been having some trouble digesting food. You see, he should be on a regular diet by now. He has not been walking like he should and he has had some pain. Tomorrow he will had an flouroscope done and we will find out if anything is medically wrong. We areso anxious and we are sad to be here so close to Christmas but when you give someone your heart and vow in sickness and in health, better or worse I guess there is nowhere else for me to be. I love him. It's not because I'm strong or ok with missing Christmas with my family. I just love him so much there are no words to be able to express how I feel. Prayers, medit...


    1. [Image: russnbeck]

      # russnbeck said

      Posted Dec 23, 2013

      Praying for a complete recovery

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  2. Updated posted by AdamFamily On Nov 06, 2013

    Thank you!


    My father had surgery on October 31st, 2013. He went under at 8:36am in the MD Anderson Clinic in Houston, Texas. I, my mother Lois, his mother Marion, his brother Ron and my husband Daniel were in the waiting room. Every two hours, a nurse’s liaison would come out and give us updates. Doing well, vital signs are strong, took the gallbladder etc. We played cards to stay occupied. 9 ½ hours we played cards, took walks and munched on food off the “Jolly Trolley” (think the trolley from the Hogwarts Express). There was definitely an interesting moment when while we were in the Café for lunch, my father’s surgeon walked right past my mother. The look on her face was priceless and I al...


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  3. Updated posted by AdamFamily On Nov 02, 2013

    * Lois*

    Mike had the surgery on the 31 of October. The CANCER IS OUT!. We are expecting good news about the lymph nodes they are having tested also.  MDAnderson did what they said they could. Everyone here is so kind and they go out of their way to help. we are so greatful to all of you who gave what you could and for the prayers well wishes and positive vibe sent out our way. may each of you have the happiness that I feel now. 


    1. [Image: Peveydk]

      # Peveydk said

      Posted Nov 02, 2013

      Great news!! Hope to see mike's dance video.

    2. [Image: russnbeck]

      # russnbeck said

      Posted Nov 02, 2013

      Praise God! Praying for a complete healing!

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