[Image: Help Ray get to Asia to teach English and get his TEFL]

About This Campaign

I'm trying to raise money for a one-way flight ticket to China. There are many private schools there that provide TEFL certification, and once I have that I will be able to go anywhere else in the world, doing something I love. I'll give you goodies if you help!

I have told many of you that I want to go to Korea. But it could take months to get the documentation I need processed; I have the FBI and the State Department to wait on, and that could take a long time, if my prints are accepted at all.

I will be gone at least a year. In that time, I will be able to make upwards of 15k a year, spending almost nothing on myself, and I'll get a bonus to use on a flight ticket home (or to Korea!).

With that income to spare, I can pay back every donation - or I can do something else for you. If you donate 20 dollars, I promise I'll send you a package of the worst Engrish t-shirts yuan can buy. :)

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  1. Donate $20.00 or more

    I'll send as many horrible, offencive Engrish t-shirts into a package as I can, anything I find on the streets! Worth 20 dollars of course. :)

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  2. Donate $50.00 or more

    I'll send you 50$ worth of Chinese candies and chocolates. I'll make sure they're safe, too. :)

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  3. Donate $100.00 or more

    You'll get a jade dragon for at least this much. It'll come out of my first paycheque. I don't know how I can handle generosity like this; you'd deserve more than just that.

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