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Hello to everyone my name is Leigh; I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia but settled in Bali, Indonesia two years ago with my partner Ayu.

Let me tell you about our desperate situation.


My 25 year old fiancé Ayu from Bali, Indonesia has been progressively getting sicker since November last year. What started out as minor back and chest pain and fatigue has sent Ayu, her family and I on a roller coaster ride of medical tests and doctors in Bali. 

She was misdiagnosed twice, initially it was diagnosed as stress at local doctor, followed by Hepatitis A at a private hospital in December (which was never tested for I might add) and later in the international wing of a major hospital it was diagnosed as a tumor in the common bile duct (liver) and had grown to affect her pancreas as well. Another tumor was located on or near her left ovary.

Unfortunately the doctors in Bali were unable to provide much detail and basically were unable to help her condition so she was discharged untreated.  Because of these hospital admissions, doctors’ fees and useless medication, a large portion of her basic health cover has been drained.

She was suffering from a major case of Jaundice (yellow skin), fatigue, bad bloating of the stomach, back/chest pain and some swelling of her feet to name a few.

In desperation for her health I have taken her to Singapore because Jakarta was completely flooded and the available hospitals were inaccessible from the airport and other as well as other considerations. She was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital via the accident & emergency department. The doctors here in Singapore have been absolutely wonderful to say the least. Her wellbeing has been put first and foremost and she is being very well treated. All CT scans and tests have had to be redone as they couldn’t rely on the accuracy of the existing documentation from Bali as there were some errors made. Now that she is getting proper quality treatment in Singapore the costs extremely high.

So far she has had;

  • Multiple CT Scans and X-Rays
  • Multiple blood tests
  • Her stomach is currently being drained of the excess fluid
  • Three catheters inserted into her liver’s bile duct to drain the bile
  • A biopsy taken from the tumor on/near the left ovary

In two days’ time they will have a second attempt to take a biopsy from the tumor in the liver for further analysis.  What happens after that is not clear until the type of cancer can be identified, such as where it started and whether or not it has spread to other parts of her body. It’s difficult to know exactly what the ongoing costs will be.  So far the hospital costs have been in excess of S$20,000 for 5 days and she’s likely to be here for at least a month possibly longer.  I have covered all expenses so far but it’s quickly running out.  The initial estimation before consultation was around S$55,000 but I fear it may well exceed this.

Ayu owns a little tailor business in Bali, addressing the needs of foreign tourists and local business.  Her business is still operating as normal thanks to her very hardworking staff to fulfil all existing and new orders and covering for her absence.

All of Ayu's family and friends are being very strong and encouraging back home in Bali.

Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes and support it has been great. I will keep this updated as things progress.  

We basically need funding to cover Ayu’s hospital fees and basic living expenses for her father and I while we are here. We are managing so far but it’s a long road ahead. We have already seen fantastic generosity from friends here including free temporary accommodation and food.  The goal of this fundraiser has been set based on the initial estimation of her treatment costs.

Please help Ayu and donate to save her.

Yours faithfully,

Leigh Stokes

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Leigh Stokes

Denpasar, Indonesia

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My name is Leigh, I live in Bali. Following the recent death of my wife from cancer, I've decided to assist the local charity Indonesia Sole Men to help some of the poorest people in Bali. I work as an English teacher and I previously spent approx. 20 years in the Information technology industry. I've always loved to travel and I love watching movies. I'm formally from Melbourne, Australia.

  1. Updated posted by Layby2k On May 03, 2013

    Ayu passed away

    Thank you to everyone that helped us out.  Unfortunately Ayu passed away last week on the 23rd of April due to the underlying disease.   Please rest assured that your money helped to buy her comfort and the precious time she needed to see all of her loved ones.

    Thank you and RIP my darling.



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  2. Updated posted by Layby2k On Feb 28, 2013

    UPDATE #07

    Sorry for not updating for a while, it's been very busy and the internet is not great here.


    We are now back in Bali.  Ayu is still very weak but her general physical condition hasn't changed in the last few weeks.  She has good days and bad which is understandable given the terrible prognosis handed down. We've had her checked out at Siloam hospital and have been referred to a local well know oncologist Dr. Tjakra who has been dealing with cancer patients for many years and is considered one of the best here.  The doctors in Singapore recommended Chemotherapy using Cisplatin and Gemcitabine.  The doctor here suggest convinced us against using Cisplatin given her weak condition and it's terrible side effects.  He suggested to just go wit...


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  3. Updated posted by Layby2k On Feb 13, 2013

    UPDATE #06

    Today we had a meeting with the SGH team oncologist. Basically Cintya has an advanced primary bile duct cancer that is blocking the biliary tract. She also has several Metastases (cancer that has spread) in her abdominal wall causing excessive bloating (Ascites) and painful cramps. Our worse fears were confirmed, it is inoperable and she requires chemotherapy to manage the condition but not to cure it.  They gave us an estimate of 6-12 months to live with Chemo. Maybe less maybe more.  The cancer "Cholangiocarcinoma" as it is called, is very uncommon in someone Cintya's age. They said that it could have come from a liver fluke parasite which is common in south east asia.  These parasites usually come from contaminated water and seafoo...


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