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I am unable to get financial aid at this time due to my withdrawing from classes 2 years ago and being on suspension from financial aid. When I withdrew from all my classes I did not realize I could take a medical leave of absence and not end up eing suspended from financial aid. Unfortunately I was unaware and withdrew. Now that i am ready to proceed and have paid back all that I needed to from back then and have signed up for classes I need to finace schooling myself until I can get finacial aid again. Instead of going full time this time I am only taking 2 classes instead of the 4. It is $800 for the 6 credits then still probably close to $400 for books and materials for the 2 classes I am signed up for. I felt good and accomplished while in school and want to someday not be on a fixed income and be out in the work force supporting myself working a good job. so I ask for help with finacing my classes this coming semester. I plan on spending as much as I am able to out of my next 2 months checks July and August towards school after my bills but I still will need help with close to the $800 for the tuition. Any help will be greatly appreciated and go to a good cause. I am very dedicated to helping myself and suceeding.
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