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Hi there! My name is Tonia and I'm passionate about making the lives of people and their pets better. Here in this midwest region, there are NO fenced dog parks in existence. I'm trying to build an amazing bark park here in this area (specifically, Hobart, Indiana--- which will service all nearby counties). I already have the land (5 acres) and plan situating the dog park on a portion.

Many pet owners in this area have had to deal with issues of their dogs (and cats) being struck by cars, getting off tie-outs, running away, coming into contact with with dangerous wildlife; wolves, large bucks, raccoons, etc., which are prevalent out here. All of these factors decrease the quality of life that our pets experience and in turn create a fearful pet owners. 

I believe that a community dog park is both a public safety and health solution! People that are going to engage in this bark park have the following opportunities:

  1. Safety - a fenced in space, like the Midwest Bark Park gives everyone peace of mind. No wolves, no cars, no harmful toxins or litter for pets to consume....just nature and free space to run!
  2. Local residents will have free access to a spacious outdoor community park for their dogs to run off leash!
  3. Socialization - because there are no dog parks in the area people and their pets don't get a chance to meet! Sharing of pet ideas, making new friendships, learning from one another is a rich incentive of having a dog or cat! Live interaction with one another is priceless!
  4. Exercise! Dogs and cats need quality exercise in order to sustain healthy lives and so do humans. People are more likely to take their pets outside to play if they know they can be safe and worry free. Additionally, not having to worry about a dog tugging or enjoying a simple game of fetch without any hassles makes it all worth while!
  5. Building community! Community is important and so are dialogues...these happen in neutral social settings that foster supportive environments. 

A space for all! The Midwest Bark Park would love to offer the following when built:

  • Senior days - a space for senior dogs. And also a senior day for pet owners 65+
  • Adopt-a-Pet - A day for local shelters to bring their adoptable animals out and interact with potential pet owners (often times adoptions are promoted only inside petstores, which targets a select few of individuals, warranting low results).
  • Free puppy training sessions/tips - volunteer pet trainers can promote themselves and also offer free sessions to pet owners that could otherwise not afford to train their dogs.

I sincerely believe that the Midwest Bark Park will make a significant impact in this community. There isn't a single fenced in dog park to date. With your donation, this possible dream can become a dogs reality. Please note, that I've done my homework! All pets will require documentation of basic shots and aggressive dogs will have special times set aside so they too can play. Small dogs will have their area. 

Because of the communal element, all pet owners will be expected to clean up after their pup and report anything that compromises the safety of pets and their owners! 

Any amount is appreciated!

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  1. Donated $10.00 or more

    Ribbon placed in the tree as a sign of appreciation for the donation.

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  2. Donated $25.00 or more

    purple jasmine planted surrounding the dog park

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  3. Donated $25.00 or more

    Receive name of a loved one or pet engraved/branded on cedar fencing surrounding dog park.

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  4. Donated $50.00 or more

    Receive your name printed on a professional contributors list that will posted in the dog park.

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  5. Donated $100.00 or more

    Receive a name brick in the entrance of the pet park honoring a lost pet.

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  6. Donated $350.00 or more

    Tree planted in appreciation for the donation, in your name or that of a loved one (human or pet).

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  7. Donated $500.00 or more

    Dog bench dedicated in the honor of a loved one or loved pet

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