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Two years ago I was at the highest point in my life. I had just come back from volunteering at a summer camp in the USA and my heart was full of joy.

A month later, everything took a 180. Life had become traumatizing and stressfull. I was getting bullied, abused and sexually harrassed by my boss.

I told the big bosses and instead they backed the manager and ridiculed me. They jumped on the bandwagon and threatened that if I did anything about it 'I would pay'. Life became hell and I quit the next day.

A few months after that I did nothing. I put on a lot of weight, I isolated myself, I wouldn't see my friends and I wouldn't leave the house. I felt like my spirit had been ripped in half.

It took me just over a year to be able to finally confront the hurt and pain of that event. I decided to take a bold step and started blogging & writing about my experiences and if there was anyone out there going through something similar, I wanted them to know they weren't alone.

But what happened instead was more than I could ask for. People have been reaching out to me and telling me about their experiences as well as asking for my help. People want my guidance and advice.

I kept feeling like I was being called to help these people more than just through my writing and I realized that I could help serve them through kick-ass coaching.

The only thing is I am not qualified, nor do I know how to personally coach someone. So I started looking around online and I found out that a woman I've been following for months and who I look up to was offering a private coaching mentorship to teach 6 people how to become effective coaches and leaders.

I applied and out of 140 applicants, I was one of 6 chosen.

In total the tuition costs $6485. I was able to scramble enough money for the first payment but now I need help to raise the rest. The $1297 is what I need for this months tuition but I would love to raise the rest.

I believe I will be able to change and heal lives through my coaching. Will you help me make this a reality?

Elise xo

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    A personal thank you & virtual hug from me.

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    A personal thank you & virtual hug from me + a big shout out to you on my facebook fanpage.

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    The previous rewards + you'll get a free copy of my eBook 'The Inner Vibrance Secrets'.

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    The previous rewards + a private 1 hr 1-on-1 coaching session with me once I've finished the course!

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    The previous rewards + a full article of appreciation about you on my blog with links to what you offer this world (i.e business, product etc)

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