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Please Help Raise the Money To Give These Precious Children the Loving Home and Family They So Deserve 

We need your help and support to keep these 5 siblings together, out of foster care and provide a loving, stable home for them. These precious children were abruptly removed from their home in 2010 due to deplorable living conditions, severe neglect, abuse and drug addicted parents. At that time even though our home is humble in size and we both work full time we do live on a limited budget,these factors did not matter when it came to helping these children. My wife Penny and I immediately took these children in our home to care for them and were blessed to be able to keep them for nearly a year. Without question we fell madly in love with each and every one of them. We began to have big dreams of the opportunity to adopt them because we loved them as if they were our own and they us including our daughter Tabitha. After appoximaelty a year our hearts were ripped from us and dreams of keeping them were then taken away due to the state of Florida decided to give their parents another chance, we painstakingly understood it was the right thing to do but still hurt to let them go back to the possible life we helped take them from. We as the well as the state did hope and wish their parents were rehabilited enough to properly care for these children.  

As it turned out we were wrong, now after a very emotional and heart wrenching 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to place these children with their biological parents their parental rights are now possibly being terminated. As a result of their actions, these innocent children are know being threatened with the very real possibility of being seperated and placed in different foster homes and even worse seperated from each other. These children have had no one but each other through all these awful events. It would be tragic to allow them to be taken from one another especially when my wife and I have enough love for all of them to stay together and are willing to dedicate our lifes to caring for them.

My wife and I would love to permanetly adopt all 5 of these angels and provide them the loving home, family guidance and stability they deserve. We do not want this opportunity to slip away and need your help.

This is why we put together this fundraising application in hopes of getting the word out and raising enough money to help purchase a bigger home or even build one. We simply do not have enough room to house them all but are willing to fight for these children to stay together. Anything will help, if you can't donate please help by spreading the word and sharing their story, our story. These children are all very special and very dear in our hearts if you were to meet them you too would see how amazing they are and why we love them so much.

Any donation small or large would help and get us to closer to providing these children the love and home they deserve. We are willing to move moutains and sincerely appreciate all anyone can do for these precious children, my wife, daughter and me.


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Green Cove Springs, United States

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  1. Updated posted by NeSmithProject On Mar 12, 2014

    nesmith project

    Their telling us that we should be getting the oldest of the 5 children when school is out, with permanent custody of her. Looking good to get the rest, we need more room. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU.


    1. [Image: NeSmithProject]

      # NeSmithProject said

      Posted Sep 26, 2014

      Well every thing is done now. Parents rights terminated, paperwork filed. Just waiting for a date...

    2. [Image: NeSmithProject]

      # NeSmithProject said

      Posted Jun 01, 2014

      We now have all 5 children. My husband has been building a spare room for the boy. The court date...

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