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My name is Michelle  and I have three wonderful children. I am a single parent, and the picture shown is of my mother, now deceased, my middle son Timothy, now age 16, and my daughter Sarah, now age 13. My older son Nick, age 21, is not in the picture. For the last ten years, my family has gone through so much devastation. Once you read what has happened in my family's life, I think you will understand, and I hope that I can gain your understanding and your support.


In 2004, I had a near fatal car wreck. I sustained a neck injury. The damage affected my spinal nerves, and caused me to lose all swallowing and talking capabilities, which resulted in two years of rehabilitation therapy. This is only the beginning. I have a long laundry list of health problems that stemmed from that car wreck. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as I am still recuperating from it nine years later.


In 2006, as fate would have it, my children and I were all involved in another car wreck. This car wreck caused me to re-injure my previous injuries, exacerbating them and I am still in rehabilitation therapy with that to this day. I was a paralegal, working at a corporate law office since 1999, and by 2006 I could no longer work. My husband abandoned me and our children in 2004 and throughout all of these injuries and illnesses, I have still supported and mantained this family. In 2010, after I moved my family to Nashville, TN, to start over  and get away from a violent husband, I had a horrible accident with a faulty hot water heater. I suffered 3rd and 4th degree burns on both of my feet. See picture. I was in the hospital for two months at Vanderbilt Hospital. A few short months later, while recuperating from the burns, I got an infection in my left foot and lost part of it to an amputation. That was February of 2011.  In July 2011, I lost my eyesight to diabetic retinopathy. 


Now that I have told you all about what I've gone through, as a mother of three children, I want you to understand what my children have gone through. Can you just imagine what three wonderful children have endured over all the years? They are so wonderful. They have grown, they have learned to encourage, they have been the support and the back bone of this family. They give me medicine, take me to the doctor, cook, clean, and throughout all of this tragedy, they still have a sense of humor, and their laugh keeps me strong.

We are raising money to go to Europe because my mother was in North Carolina dying as I laid up in Vanderbilt for two months. I had to hold off her funeral, and I would like to bury her remains (ashes) in Bordeaux, France, where my family is from. I have never been there, but I do have family there that I haven't met. I have a very elderly aunt who is on a fixed income, and cannot afford to help us anyway, and she is the only family we have left. Also the cost of having my mother transported to France and to purchase a cemetery plot or mausoleum is estimated in the figure we are trying to raise.  In all of this, I've had two heart attacks and seventeen stents in order to avoid bypass surgery. I also have kidney failure. My doctors speculate that the progression of the disease will lead to dyalisis in the next year. I know it seems like we have a lot of drama going on but my children and I have had an extensive amount of trauma. If you had a chance to meet Nick, Timothy, and Sarah you would understand why I am trying to raise this money. They deserve so much that I cannot give them, and they've never asked for anything. They are truly selfless young men and women. I don't know if I will live to see them grow up, but I hope that I can give them the last years of my life in peace and happiness. My health has become very grave and my doctors do not feel that I'm going to live much longer. I want to go to France before it is too late. If all I have for them is love, I know they would never complain, because they never have. This trip would mean the world to me because I would be able to bury my mother in the town our family is from. I do not have any extra money to afford any of these things and any help would be greatly apprieciated. God bless you tremendously and I thank you so much!


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