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My name is Afiqah. I am a 19 year old Agnostic lesbian who was born into a Muslim family. My life is under threat.

I had grown up and raised to be Muslim, but I could never accept it. It wasn't who I am. It isn't who I want to be. My fmaily has finally realised this and is now threatening serious action against me. I'm not sure if he knows I'm gay. The fact that I'm not as religious as I 'should' is reason enough for them.

The most recent encounter with parents led them to ask me about my faith. They asked me if I considered myself a Muslim. I wanted to say no, but then my Dad said something that made me change my mind. He said, and I quote, "Cause if you don't consider yourself a Muslim, we have a very serious problem and we'd have to take the necessary measures."

I'm not sure if everyone knows what Islam permits its followers to do to those who stray from the path as far as I did, but to gays, beheading is an option. For lesbians, they would get a hundred lashes.

The punishment for those who "murtad" (no longer believe)... they are to be killed without discretion.

I am scared of dying. I am scared of my parents. I am scared of leaving the girl I love alone because I died.

The girl I love deeply lives in the States whereas I live in Malaysia. I had a plan to get to her while doing my degree in Psychology, but this development has scratched that plan. My parents know the college and would track me down.

I have a friend to help me get to the US, but I need to get out of this house first and foremost. My friend hasn't contacted me these past few days. Even if she doesn't contact me ever, I can at least start a new life somewhere else in this country. Away from my parents. 

If my friend gets in contact with me, I'd be able to pay everyone back for their kindness. I could move to the States and be with the girl of my dreams.

The breakdown of the goal is as follows;


A friend's suggestion and some research has yielded some very good (if expensive and stretchy) news!

If you kind folks would be able to reach the new goal of $1400 USD, I would be able to get to the States directly! No need to rent an apartment! Just straight to the US!

So if by 20th October 2012 I am able to afford this trip along with any other expenses (I'm gonna rake it up to about $100 in expenses during transit) I'll be able to fly directly to the States and apply for asylum immediately.

I'm going to raise the goal to match this new information.

I just wanted to note that while the new goal may seem excessive, I also have to buy clothes for the cold! Malaysia is a tropical country and we're summer all year round here. I don't have any winter clothing. Fall/Winter owh mah gerd ;-;



It seems that paypal's rate of convertion is much lower than the rest of the world. It should be at 
1 USD = 3.27 MYR
But it seems that paypal's rate is 1 USD = 2.98 MYR.

Due to percentages and convertion rates as shown here, I have to change the goal. As of writing this, I have USD 187.50 in my PayPal. This is what it converts to.

Due to this, I am forced to raise the goal so that it actually meets. 

As shown here, 

Example 1
Paypal will take a certain percentage from the donations I receive, depending on the amount. GoGetFunding will take 3.5% no matter the amount as shown below.

So even if the site says I've reached my goal, I actually haven't.

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  1. Updated posted by EvelynnFoxe On Oct 10, 2012

    Thank you, everyone!

    I love you all! (´◕ω◕`)

    This fundraiser is a success! I'll be flying soon, and then when I land, I'll upload another video! I'll be preparing myself for the winter ( Waaaa going from 90F to 40F ; ~ ; ) but hopefully I won't freeze! :D

    Wish me luck, everyone! I hope my flight would be uneventful. I've been very anxious these past few days. n_n;


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  2. Updated posted by EvelynnFoxe On Oct 03, 2012

    Good News, Everyone!

    I was talking to one of my American friends and he said that  could stay with him! A few of my other friends in the US have said so, as well! So I've got places to live in the States. I am so thankful for great friends. Q u Q

    If the situation permits, I'll just fly over to the US! but I'm not counting on that. It's a nice plan, but not a very realistic one. n.n;


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  3. Updated posted by EvelynnFoxe On Oct 03, 2012


    Thank you! I really don't know what to say! I'm taken by surprise (in a good way) and my HP (Humanity Points) has never been this high! I'm just trying to come to grips that people are all doing this for me. 

    Thank you, all of you! I really don't know what else to say! I think another video is coming up soon!


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