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Please help me and my family. For several months last year a now former friend made me and my family believe that I was to split a large inheritance from a supposed dying friend of hers.After months and months of questions, waiting and waiting, giving her money to go see a what has now been discovered to be a fake lawyer, this meeting and that meeting and then running off to Mississippi with nothihg in return we have come to the realization that this was all a lie and a grab for money. All the money that went nowwhere is now gone. We were smart and didnt go 'crazy' but we had been putting off bils for the longest time thinking and being told tomorrow, tomorrow the money will be here which has left me and my family drowing in debt, student loans, medical bills, food, an ER visit and other daily living expenses. This is why I am reaching out to you fine folks for help, please help me and my parents get back on track and put this behind us!! We are hurt, we gave her clothes, food, paid her rent and bills and gave her food out of our own pantry to care for her, her mother and her 3 little kids and this is how she chose to thank us...some friend. Anything you can spare would help us greatly and we thank you from the botton of our hearts.


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