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The Giant Postcard Exhibition, the World’s only exhibition of its kind, is composed of 36-by-24 inch enlargements of "Designer Series Postcards"- produced in the 1980's. During the summer, it will be on display at the Doo Wop Experience Museum, located directly across from the Wildwood Convention Center, on the world-famous Boardwalk. The exhibit will be available to colleges, universities, libraries and other venues, in the off season, to help promote tourism in the Wildwoods.


"Designer Series Postcards" were scenic view postcards distributed to gift shops, motel lobbies, stores and other retail outlets in the Wildwoods from 1981 through 1988 that redefined fantasy with a high gloss finish. Before this, postcards looked nearly the same regardless of whom or what company produced them. In marketing terms, there was little or no product differentiation or brand identification. To give Designer Series Postcards a brand defining characteristic and a distinctive look, they featured brightly colored wrap-around borders. The cards were titled with the town of origin as a design element at the bottom of the card. The new graphic treatment was the first of its kind.


The concept of making enlargements from postcards is hardly new; however, prior to this endeavor, they have been made from scans of the printed cards. Unfortunately, when these images were only slightly enlarged or viewed up close, the dot pattern used in the printing process severely degraded the image.

What is the amazing difference? Giant Postcards utilize digitally remastered files made from drum scans of the original materials (photographic transparencies) that were actually used to print the cards. Two of these images have already been remastered. We are planning to perform this process for a total of twenty 20 Giant Postcards to complete the display. We need to do this as soon as possible since, some of the originals have already started to fade.

What Does My Contribution Pay For?


Back in the 1980’s, these iconic images were captured on medium format photographic transparency film (similar to “slides”) A drum scan (as opposed to flatbed) is necessary to digitize the image for remastering. This technique is still the best (and the most expensive).


All photographic films utilize dye (as opposed to pigment) which is subject to deterioration over time. Some of the images have already started to fade. Computerized remastering restores color density levels. Shadow and highlight details are accentuated and in many cases details are apparent that were not visible in the original. The image is then retouched to eliminate burned-out lights on amusement rides, peeling paint and even trash to create “Fantasy with a High Gloss Finish” on a much grander (36-by-24-inch) scale.


Digital files are output as giclee (pronounced: jhee-clay”) prints made with archival pigment-based inks lasting hundreds of years.

A protective glossy laminate is adhered to the print to protect the images from atmospheric gases and pollutants. The gloss increase the amount of light reflected to increase color saturation and provide a true high gloss “postcard” look.


Giant Postcards are mounted to a chemically inert material called Dibond, a composite polycarbonate and aluminum sandwich material that is lightweight, strong and durable.


The exhibit will be displayed on specially designed 4-by-8-foot freestanding display panels made from Dibond with wood supports. They are designed for maximum durability and lightweight for easy transport.

                                              Thank you for your support

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    18" x 12" "Bobby Rydell's Wildwood Days" Deluxe Lithograph - suitable for framing (includes shipping). NOTE: The watermark (copyright notice) will not appear on your art print.

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    1.) Your name posted on "Wildwood Giant Postcards" facebook page.2.) "LITTLE GIANT POSTCARD" (12-by-8 inches) digital giclee print made with archival pigment based ink suitable for framing. Choice of "HUNT'S PIER WITH TRAMCAR" or "MOREY'S SURFSIDE PIER AT TWILIGHT". Includes protective packaging and shipping.

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    1.) Your name posted on "Wildwood Giant Postcards" facebook page.2.) "LITTLE GIANT POSTCARD" (30-by-20 inches) digital giclee print made with archival pigment based ink.

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    1.) Your name posted on "Wildwood Giant Postcards" facebook page.2.) "GIANT POSTCARD" (36-by-24 inches) (same size as in the museum) digital giclee print made with archival pigment based ink.

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Project by

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Douglas Hunsberger

Wildwood, United States

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Douglas Hunsberger was the photographic artist who produced the images for the cards. He was best known for taking extreme measures to get the perfect shot. From sea going safaris to helicopter rides with the doors off, he was able to capture some of the most striking compositions imaginable. As a result, the Wildwoods never looked so good.