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My name is Monica and as most of you have seen this was a college rescue site. Well I'm taking that down thanks to the advise of many tumblr follows. I'm here to raise money to help with the vet bills for my cat, Oreo. I've had her since she was a baby. She was the one I fell back on when I lost my baby out in Florida and she traveled back with us to our home state.

She a sweet heart. A lover for dogs, a friend to most animals, and my cuddles. She's friendly, loving, and carefree. There is no other way to describe her crazy personality but I love her. She is my baby. She is my world.

I'm here today to ask for help. I have a small part time job and am still looking for a second job with no avail. The money we use towards bills and to help with my husband's schools supplies has been put to on hold to help her.

Yesterday we discovered that my cat had vomited. The only way we realized it was a manager problem was when I found a set of oriental flower petals on the floor and it had happened somewhere between the night before and early yesterday morning. I had orignally had them high up and I'm still trying to figure out how she got to them. After the discover we rushed her to the vet hospital. She had to stay a day for a round of Iv, active charcoal, and urinanalysis treatment. Her first round of test came back fine. Her kidneys were at a 1.5. This morning we received a call that she had eatten. But that her second test results came back a little higher. Her kidney levels were at a 4.9. The vet's trying to keep it below a nine only because anywhere between a 9-12 she riskes kidney damange. On top of that we're fighting to keep her below a 15. 13 - 15 will mean she will more then likely not make it. I have high hopes for my baby. She has already started her second set of treatments and on top of that she has to stay another night.

My husband and I have drained all that we had into her first vet bill. Now I'm asking for help with the second and a little extra for a just in case vet visit after. I'm trying not to call the vet every five minutes to see how she's doing. I've restrained myself from even touching a phone. I don't know what else to do or who else to turn to. I'm asking for you help. Please donote to help our baby survive. I will not give up on her. I will not watch her leave us this way. Please I'm begging you help us.

I have two updates on Oreo:

The first is that she got out last Wednesday and was doing really well. We have an appointment in two weeks to make sure everything is okay and she didn't suffer any damage to her kidneys.

The second update is that age throw up today and last night. She had an appointment to see the vet at 11:40. Pray everything's okay. Because right now I'm freaking out and panicking.

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