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Many of you know my brother, Chris as a huge Texans football fan and bartender at The Glass Wall in the Heights.  He recently attended the Texans/Ravens game and after the great win was in the parking lot tailgating with other fans.  He had given tickets to the game to a coworker and his young son and after the game they decided to take pictures on top of the "Texans Old School Tailgaters" bus with The Reliant as the backdrop.  

Chris was following closely behind the child on the ladder to make sure he got up alright.....as the child reached the top he lost his grip and started to fall back....instinctively, Chris pushed the child back onto the ladder and to safety but in the process had to let go himself.  His selfless act saved the child from injury, but as a result he sustained serious injuries to his feet because they took the full force of the blow. 

He will have to undergo several surgeries and a long process of healing and rehabilitation before he is able to even walk much less return to work.  Being a service industry employee, he is without insurance and unable to make a living for the foreseeable future.  We have put this fundraiser together to help pay for some of his numerous doctor bills, medication and general living expenses which in the last week has already surpassed 67,000$.  

Chris has always been one of the most selfless people I know and now is the one in need of help.  We sincerely appreciate any and all donations, however if that is not possible we would appreciate any prayers and well wishes to help him get through these incredibly tough times ahead.

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  1. Updated posted by robincox On Nov 02, 2012

    Update after Dr Visit

    Chris went to see the surgeon yesterday. He was told he sustained the worst possible fractures in both feet. He will not be able to put any pressure whatsoever on them for at least 3 months. His surgery is scheduled for November 13 to place all the internal hardware in both feet. The surgeon is hopeful that he will be back up on his feet within a 6 month time frame. We can not begin to thank you for all of the love and support that he has received over the last few weeks!


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  2. Updated posted by robincox On Nov 01, 2012

    Going Strong

    I can not begin to tell you how much our family has been touched by all of your kindness and generosity!  Chris is keeping his spirits up and keeping a positive attitude towards his long road ahead.  He has a follow-up today with surgeons to hopefully schedule those next 2 surgeries.  Please keep the prayers rolling in and all the kind words of encouragement!  We will keep you updated on his progress! Thank You So Much!!


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