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I am a 33 year old Mom of four children from Dayton, Ohio. My children are ages 13 (twin boys), age 9 (girl, and age 8 (boy). I am in very bad health, it is getting worse and worse as it progresses. I have Rheuamtoid and Psoriatic arthritis, along with chest/heart problems, depression, panic disorders, and severe anxiety. I am very desperate for financial help, any help at all would mean the world to me. I used to work for my local library, but I had to stop working when the pain became to extreme. I own my home, I inherited it when my Grandmother passed, but it is in a terrible neighborhood, in face I was robbed about a week ago, and they took the only thing of value that I had, a flatscreen TV that it took me so long to save for. I had only had it for two months. I want to find a way to get an alarm system on my home. I dont feel safe here at all, and it scares me. I have broken windows from the break in, with no way to pay to have them fixed. I go without a bed, my children have the bedrooms, so I sleep on the floor on blankets, and the pain becomes so severe, it is hard to wake up in the morning due to the extreme pain, anyone with RA surely understands. I need a bed, or a place I can sleep. I am wearing clothes from when I was in high school, I always buy for my kids before myself, my shoes have holes in them so that my feet get wet when in the rain. I am a hard trying Mom, I cant do much as my health gets worse, but I try so hard, and I have the best kids. They are incredible. I just need a break, anything would help, I am behind on my property taxes, and just need some money to catch up. I am at the point where I feel desperate, and then when I was robbed, I felt defeated. I appreciate any help at all, please feel free to talk more privatly through email, and thank you for reading.

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