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We need help to cover the cost of having the equine vet make an emergency vet visit, euthinasia and burial of one of our beloved horses.  We have not been receiving donations for some time now nor have we been doing any fundraising for the rescue.  There have been several natural disasters over the past two years that we felt people effected by those storms needed precedence over our little rescue.   But now the time has come where we cannot afford to pay out of pocket any longer to support the rescue and we must start fundraising again for the upkeep and needs of the horses.


In the early evening of April 26, 2013, we had to call the vet for an emergency visit.  "Valli", a 34 year old Arabian gelding was having a respiratory attack and was laboring to breathe.  We already knew he had cushings disease but never had any respiratory issues before.  The equine vet came within 45 minutes of our call and examined the horse.  The prognosis was not good.  The vet said we could try steroids which normally would work, but with Valli having cushings, chances were it wouldn't work but there was the slight chance it might.  (Steroids don't usually have a positive affect on a horse with cushings and could cause a heart attack).  We opted to at least give Valli a chance at recovery and the steroids were administered.  Almost immediate relief would have resulted if the treatment was going to work.  We waited, and waited... there was no change.  We couldn't watch him struggle to breathe any longer and made the difficult decision to humanely have him euthinized.  We led him to the pasture where he loved to run and laid him to rest.


We are a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit horse rescue located in Earlton (Township of Coxsackie), NY.  We are a small organization right now, and work to educate people on the fate of many horses that go to auction or are advertised for free.  (Many if not most of them end up in slaughter).  We have taken horses in from private surrender and also have pulled some from the feed lots of kill buyers.  The horses are evaluated, rehabilitated, vetted if necessary and then we try to match them up with a forever home.  Our adoption fees never cover the cost of what has gone in to these horses to get them adoption ready so our continued operation and success depends completely on donations from the public.  All donations and contributions are tax deductible.

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