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My name is Danielle Perkins and I am a mother of 4 however only 1 that lives with us. Due to our living situation and my health my oldest is with her dad in another state and cannot come to spend any time with me until I have a stable place for her to visit. My older boy is living with grandparents same story. And I gave my youngest up for adoption because of my health. I suffer from Crohn's disease and in December I had surgery for a colostomy. My husband is a veteren, did a tour in Iraq and had to come home because of my illness.

I have had this posting up for weeks now with very little attention getting paid to it. I know that my friends and family have seen it and they've done their best to help. But We are down to the wite now. Maybe I explained our problem way too much and it was too much for people to read. My family and, my husband my 6 yr old son and I moved to San Jose for a job. One that promised to be a great opportunity. 

We have been living and working at a place in San Jose for the last 3 years. We are originally from Sac so we have no friends and no family down here for support. This place we took the job at is 9 miles from the closest grocery store with no public transportation. We were told that we would be independent contracters that we would be working for our rent. Whatever hours we worked above and beyond what we owed on our rent we were supposed to be entitled to compensation. However non was ever given. This is a luxury camp ground, or so it says, I wouldn't call it quite that. So my husband did maintenance, took care of the pools and hot tubs, as well as handled all the sound for any time there was a party here, he helped with live bands, djs and much more. We also have cabins, trailers, tents, etc. I was doing housekeeping. Anything from cleaning bathrooms to making beds and cleaning up everything we rented out during parties. We've worked here loyally me for 1 years and my husband for 4. Mind you they would give us enough work for 5 people sometimes more and expect us to get it done in a VERY short amount of time.

We were given basically a shed to live in, that was built onto the side of a trailer. Giving us at least a working toilet. However due to a faulty gas line no kitchen. If we can't cook it in a microwave or on a hot plate we don't eat it. Take out isn't an option either, first because we can't afforrd it, but second becuase NO one delivers out here. Not even Safeway with groceries. We've lived here for 4 years just trying to get by. After all the loyal work we've put in to this place, knowing our boss/landlord (same person) was screwing us over but we had no where else to go. No money saved up. Just $300 from welfare, no where near enough to save any money from. That's just enough to live on. We went to them and asked for the money they owed us, not all of it, just enough to do a little work on the place and get some groceries. or for them to at the very least take care of the mold in our place, fix our hot water heater that went out 9 months ago, fix the leaking roof maybe give us a little money they owed us which by now is thousands of dollars, yet the continued to send us bills. Their idea of fixing the leaks on the roof was to throw a huge tarp over the top of it. And In return we are told that our employment is terminated and due to employee contracts that means we have to move. We tried to fight it, take all this to a judge, long story but we never even made it to a judge. We were give until April 23rd to be out, that was on April 5th.  We managed to raise a small amount but now we're down to the end and although we can put stuff in a uhaul and get it to a storage unit we are stuck past that point. And I know that it is very hard for people to understand family members and/or friends that cannot help but neither of us have it. Either family that can help and won't or ones that want to but just can't. We are completely stuck. If we could come up with enough for a weekly ratet hotel with a kitchen in it at least that would buy us enough time to start looking for jobs. We've checked into renting a room but that will run us the same risk, deposites require. We have non of that. We are hoping for some last minute donors. I've been in a shelter before and while I would go there if I had no other choice I do not want to subject my son to it. Every dollar helps. Thanks and God Bless. 

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    About the only thing I can offer anyone is jewelry. My best friend and I who both have health problems have been trying to start our own business making jewelry. We are actually quite good at it. If you would like a bracelet I can do that for you. It is the one thing I can give back. I can't promise how long it would take to get it to you since we'd be in the middle of moving.

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What is there to say about me. I am a mother of 4. I have been married for 10 years. it's been a long hard road. Starting with cancer as a child. Now I struggle everyday with Crohn's disease. I have a case that is severe. I was diagnosed in 2005 but in the last 3 years I've spent maybe a week in the hospital almost every month. In this time, I decided to give my youngest up for adoption to a friend of mine who also had cancer as a child and as a result cannot have kids. She and her husband would not have been able to have a child otherwise. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but I just knew she was better off. The same family is taking care of my older son, again due to my health and my oldest moved to Arkansas with her dad for the same reason. My 6 year old boy is still with us. We are in a tiny trailer that might as well be a mold filled shed. There are leaks, no hot water, a non functional kitchen. And we live out in the middle of the woods to far to walk to a place to look for a job. So we are trying desperately to find a way to get enough money to get us out of this hole and help get us a brand new start. My health may get much better if I could get into a cleaner place to live. in December i had to have a full colostomy. I want a clean environment for myself but most of all for my children for the one I have with me and the ones that I am missing.